The Use of Catch Credit Technique by Using Movie Clips as Media to Improve Students’ Reading skill in Procedure Text at Tenth Grade Senior High School of MA Daruttaqwa

Tristianti, Maulina Izza (2019) The Use of Catch Credit Technique by Using Movie Clips as Media to Improve Students’ Reading skill in Procedure Text at Tenth Grade Senior High School of MA Daruttaqwa. undergraduate thesis, Universitas Muhammadiyah Gresik.

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his final project is an action research. In this study, the researcher limits the discussion by stating the following problem: “How can Catch Credit technique by using Movie Clip improve the students’ reading at tenth grade of MA Darutaqwa?” The objective of the study is to explain Movie Clip can improve the students’ reading with use implementation the catch credit technique in the classroom. It is expected that the result of the study will provide a deeper understanding about using Movie Clip as teaching strategy for English teachers and also for the readers. There were four steps in conducting this action research: planning, acting, observing, and reflecting. The population of this study was the students of Senior high School of MA Daruttaqwa. The sample of this study was third class. The number of the student was 17 students. There were three meetings during the implementation. Catch Credit technique by using Movie Clips was effective technique to teach reading at Ma Daruttaqwa Suci Gresik, because it was the the first time they studied by using Movie Clip. It was indicated on the students’ score of post test in cycle 1. The students’ average result in pre test was 53% students could not passed the test well. The scores improved in post test. The students’ average result in post test was 85% students could past the test well. The improvement was also shown in the students’ performances in the class when the researcher asked them, the students could answer well and the classroom atmospher. Based on the research findings, the researcher concludes that Movie Clip is as an alternative media and catch credit as technique to teach reading procedure text of MA Daruttaqwa. The improvements of the class situation were the students more enjoyable and enthusiastic. When they were asked to classify and retell the content of the video in front of class, they were not afraid to retell and share with their friend. In addition the effective technique could be see, the student’s ability to classified the procedure text and the student’s ability to comprehend the text. There are four suggestions are provided. The first, the English teachers are recommended that Movie Clip was a good media to teach reading English for Senior high school. The second, students should motivate themselves to learn English. They might also pay full attention to the movie clip and to the teacher’s instruction. The students are motivated to join in the class and not fell bored in the class and they will be more motivated to study. The third, the education institution should provide facilities and media which can support the teaching and learning process. By using appropriate facilities and media in the class, teaching learning process can be effective. It also gains the students’ interest and motivation in studying subject at school. The last, the research studies the implementation of the use of movie clip in improving students’ reading skill. It is expected for the other researchers that the result of this study can be used as the additional reference for further research conducted in the future in order to create a better teaching learning process. They should also do the research further to find out the weakness which still happened.

Item Type: Thesis (undergraduate)
Subjects: English Education
Divisions: Faculty of Teacher Training and Education > English Education Study Program
Depositing User: Shandy Rahma Ramadhan, S.IIP
Date Deposited: 02 May 2019 02:00
Last Modified: 02 May 2019 02:00

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