Mufidah, Lina (2007) STUDENTS’ PERCEPTION ON ENGLISH TEACHING AT SMP WALISONGO SEMBAYAT MANYAR GRESIK. undergraduate thesis, Universitas Muhammadiyah Gresik.

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The main goal in English teaching is to help the students to develop English language Teaching .Therefore, the teacher should find or create new technique, strategy and Method of English teaching, which can give a great deal of chance for the student to ptactice In teaching learning process. Any technique, strategy and method used in English teaching. So, the student will give comment and critic about English teaching in this thesis. The writer take the thesis by the title is “ Students’ Perception on English Teaching at SMP Walisongo Sembayat Manyar Gresik”. This study conducted in order to find out whether the technique ,strategy and method that used by the teacher will make student interested to learn English. The writer want to find or know how the students perception on English teaching technique, strategy and method. The writer used descriptive survey to carry out the study and formulated the assumption that students’ perception on English teaching is very important to learn English. There are 6 classes that consist of VII A, VII B, VIII A, VIII B, IX A, IX B classes. Every class there are 40 students. The writer takes 20% from the total population in every clas. So, there are 8 students in every class who taken Random by using proportional technique. The instrument applied to get the data is questionnaire and interview. The writer used closed-ended questionnaire because the answer has been defined the writer. Then, the writer interviews the student because it will give the fredom to respondents to answer here details. After all the data have been collected the writer analyzed them. Based on the questionnaire, all of the technique, strategy and method give the students positive effect and make students interested to learn English. The student think that the technique ,strategy and method are very interesting to learn English. It can be conclude that the technique, strategy and method make students to be easy and helpful them to learn English. So, it will give motivation and spirit to learn English. From interview the technique , strategy and method will improve the student to learn English. Finally, the writer suggest to the students to apply the technique ,strategy and method in teaching learning procces. Since it proved to be effective and give advantages for improvement of the student. In order, using appropriate technique, strategy and method in teaching learning procces make students active in the classroom.

Item Type: Thesis (undergraduate)
Subjects: English Education
Divisions: Faculty of Teacher Training and Education > English Education Study Program
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